Children LEGO Robotics

Robotics Course


Watch their imaginations become reality as they build, program and modify their own amazing robots and experience Hands-On Experiential Learning (H.O.E.L) and Computational Thinking in the process.

Build robots with friends using internationally acclaimed LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 and NXT.

Younger students start their journey with LEGO Education WeDo and Early Simple Machines Set.

Be sure of students individual progress with Individual Assessment and Competition among them every term!

We provide Malaysias First Hand Crafted Robotics teaching syllabus using LEGO to support student engagement within S.T.E.M-C experience, helping students obtain Higher-Order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S).

Students also foster soft skills like communication, collaboration, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking and problem solving skills while improving fine motor skills.