Children LEGO Robotics


"I was a bit apprehensive about having my three children of different ages (7, 9 and 12) in the same class but it turned out that robotics is a suitable and fun way for them to work together and learn about computing, engineering and problem solving. It engages the children in learning and allows them to be creative and competitive at the same time!"

(Ng Shu Min, Parent and IT Lecturer, HELP University)

"Robotics program is one of the top programs at Beaconhouse Sri Inai. This program has motivated our students and builds their self-confidence, knowledge and life skills. Edu 360 specialised in conducting Robotics and Animation, thus it is very suitable in the education orientation nowadays. With proper planning (lesson plans) our students not only experiencing fun but also learning science, engineering and technology skills in this program."

(Thomas Jong, Principal, Beaconhouse Sri Inai)

"Students who are with the Robotics club , run by quality trainers from EDU360 find the activities very interesting and enjoyable especially through their Hand Crafted syllabus .The activities have brought change to the students creativity, critical thinking and analytical skills."

(Pn Nurhasniah, Robotics Coordinator, Sri Kuala Lumpur School)

"Students in Nobel say that the robotics club is interesting, challenges their minds, promotes teamwork and the instructors are friendly."

(Daniel Tan, ECA Coordinator, Nobel International School)

"I just got to know about EDU360 a year ago when they first had their robotic classes in Mid Valley. Thereafter, I followed their regular activities and learnt about their company services. What a big surprise! EDU360 is a company that is managed by some very young technopreneurs who are zestful and ambitious. This company is one of the most reliable, honest and professional robotic centres in the industry today. They have conducted multitudinous classes that have brought changes to the students in creative thinking and problem solving. I personally anticipate the hand-crafted syllabi in EDU360 are proven to enhance the critical thinking and analytical skills amongst the students. Instructed by responsible and quality trainers, I witness EDU360 to provide a friendly atmosphere with their unique experiential learning along side their personal approach. And what is good is that they even provide student assessments throughout the courses. I can whole-heartedly recommend parents to register their kids there at EDU360. Why? Who knows the kids’ hidden talents can be nurtured by EDU360 to become the national greatest engineers and innovators one day!"

(Hezle Helan, The advisor of Kelab Kaki Robot Malaysia)

"I have learned that there are no limits to creation."

(Faris, Student, Beaconhouse Sri Inai)

"I have learned how to build many robots, program the NXT with multiple functions, equip the robot with multiple sensors, replicating robots, identifying parts and working as a team."

(Jia Sheng, Student, Nobel International School)

"I can learn a lot of things from it. For example, I learnt most of the pieces and related them to real life. When I learnt how the touch sensors work, I also learnt how they are used in real life. Robotics encourages our creativity in making something. I also learnt how to observe carefully on an object to find whether there is anything changed"

(Vishal Menon, Student, Asia Pacific Smart School)